Combined Rollers

SLZ Combined Rollers are with sealed structure. Filled with high quality grease, it maintains long time lubrication impact. Re-lubrication access is available, which is helpful to prolong the working lifespan. The radial bearings are particularly suitable for automation and shift systems, which do not require heavy axial loads, and they come from the combined bearings and maintain the same features of construction.   Application of SLZ Bearings - conveyor system; - lifting equipments; - automotive line equipments; - material handling equipments; - forklift and construction machinery; - Port forklift, crane, other large lifting equipments and high load material handling units for containers. Advantages of SLZ Combined Bearings - SLZ Combined bearings that include bolt, radial part and axial part which mounted in two directions could save the mounting spaces and reduce the production costs; - Can take up the heavy radial and axial load at the same time and the components are changeable; -The adjustable combined roller bearing can be adjusted the axial size of axial part by adjusting the pivot position through the misaligning hexagon nut or eccentric valve. - Optimized structure and reliable quality; - Saving the mounting spaces in wide range applications; - Special ready-to-fit units, helping you reduce the mounting and maintaining costs; — Special oil-supplying system and easily operating; - Made in China with European technology, high quality at competitive price; SLZ Standard Combined Bearings:      ·Standard Combined Bearings  ·Adjustable Combined Bearings  *  ·Adjustable Combined Bearings for Heavy Industry    ·Adjustable Combined Bearings with Eccentric Pin    ·Adjustable Combined Bearings with Screw    * ·Adjustable Combined Bearings with Plastic Axial Roller   * ·Adjustable Combined Bearings for Steel Industry   * ·Combined Bearings for I Standard Profiles   *  ·JUMBO Combined Bearings   ·High Speed Combined Bearings   * ·Precision Radial Bearings   *Contact us now:

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