Ceramic bearings used in higher temperature environment



Ceramic bearings used in higher temperature environment Precision level: DIN P0 / ABEC 1,    Clearance C5
heat-resistant Stainless steel Cage from steel 1.4828 Type:  various type Working temperature: 820°C Ceramic bearings are made from Si3N4 which have greater hardness than steel, Ceramic bearing balls have smoother surface than most steel bearings balls. Ceramic bearings are applied on high temperature, high speed, friction, semiconductor and food processing and so on. If you have any requirements for ceramic bearings, please feel free to contact us.   Supplier: Suzhou (China) SLZ Machinery Co Ltd , please visit webpage: http://www.bearingsworld.com/right_ceramicbearing.htm , contact email: sales@bearingsworld.com ;   office@bearingsworld.com, MSN Code: order@bearingsworld.com , Tel : 0086 (0)512 65213180 / 6115 5723

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