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Anti-Acid and Anti-Alkali bearings

HDPE/PP/UPE Plastic bearings, ceramic bearings,

HDPE/PP/UPE Plastic bearings (Anti-Acid and Anti-Alkali bearings) HDPE,PP.UPE(UHMWPE)are approved can be used in faintish acid and alkali environment (30% CuCl2 solution and 30% NAOH solution is tested ok).Such bearings can operate in liquid and contamination sensitive environments as acid/alkali/salt/imprequant/oil/gas/seawater.have general performance of lubrication and maintenance free, none magnetism,anti-rust and eroded of plastic bearings.But these bearings [...]

Full ceramic bearing made of ceramic Si3N4

Full ceramic bearing made with Si3N4

Full ceramic bearing made with Si3N4 have some better performance than ZrO2, the rings and balls made by full ceramic material:Si3N4, as a standard constructure,the cage made by PTFE, generally we also could make the cage with GFRPA66-25,PEEK,PI, Phonemic Textiles Tube ,etc. Compares than the material of ZrO2 ,The SiN4 ceramics bearings could endure heavier [...]