High Temperature Bearings

high temperature resistance bearing


High-temperature applications demand bearings that can withstand extreme heat without sacrificing performance, durability or reliability, we carry inch and metric size high-temperature bearings that maintain exceptional performance at temperatures to 2372 F (degrees fahrenheit) = 1300 C (degrees Celsius).

♦Zirconia bearings (ZrO2) full ceramic bearingConstant working in high temperature till 450 Centigrade !

Application: chemical industry, food mechanism, marine equipment sea water area and so on.

feature: with PTEE cages which have higher corrosion resistance, appliance temperature till 450 Centigrade .

♦Silicon nitride bearings (Si3N4) full ceramic bearingsConstant working in high temperature till 800 Centigrade !

Feature : this kind of ceramic bearings have wider range of application in material usage, it’s hardness could reach to HRC80 and the extreme high temperature could reach to approximately 800 centigrade, therefore smooth surface and hardness and non-lubrication are attributions of this material.

Application: ultra-high vacuum, rc,high speed spindle machines, grinders, dental drill, instrument,skates …

♦Silicon carbide (Sic) full ceramic bearingConstant working in high temperature till 1300 Centigrade !

Application : under extreme circumstance and special conditions, such as under extreme high temperature( recommend you use Full Ball Complement series), the extreme temperature can reach as high as 1300 centigrade; and strong corrosion chemical medicament(recommend you use PTFE cage) which have longer working longevity because of it’s hardness can reach HRC90.

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