Ceramic-steel hybrid Bearings


Hybrid Ceramic Bearings, especially SI3N4 ceramics hybrid ball bearings, are an excellent choice for many reasons. They perform well in many applications because they have the following qualities: low density, strong solidity, low friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, magnetic resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good resistance to wear and tear, electric insulation, self-lubrication, temperature resistance of over 300C, high speed rolling rates, cool temperatures, light weight (60% lighter than steel), elasticity (50% higher than steel), and a long service life (3 to 5 times longer than full chrome steel bearings). Ceramic Hybrid Bearing are applied to high speed, high precision, long-term use ceramic-steel hybrid bearing rolling bodies (internal and external laps are metal). In general, inner and outer races are made of chrome steel or stainless steel. You may choose ceramic balls consisting of SI3N4, ZRO2 or SIC. SI3N4 overall performance is superior to other ceramic-steel hybrid materials, and it has become a standard first choice.

Fig. 1: Ceramics Hybrid Miniature Flanged Ball Bearings,

Ceramics Hybrid Miniature Flanged Ball Bearings,inner diameter 2mm to 20mm.Our products designation including F60, F62, F63, F67, F68, F69 series and all kinds of Ceramics Hybrid Miniature Flanged Ball Bearings.

Fig. 2: Ceramics Hybrid Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Ceramics Hybrid Deep Groove Ball Bearings.inner diameter 2mm to 120mm.Our products designation including 60, 62, 63, 67, 68, 69 series and all kinds of Ceramics Hybrid Deep Groove Ball Bearings.

Fig. 3: Ceramics Hybrid Thrust Ball Bearings

Ceramics Hybrid Thrust Ball Bearings, inner diameter 2mm to 120mm with precision grind groove.Our products designation including 511 series and all kinds of thrust bearing.

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